CONFIRE - Who We Are, What We Do

CONFIRE is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) located in San Bernardino County California established to provide communications, dispatch, computer information systems support (IS), and geographic information systems (GIS) to CONFIRE member and contract agencies. 


The CONFIRE Communications Center's (Comm Center) primary function is to provide 24-hour/365 day direct fire, EMS, and rescue dispatch services to CONFIRE’s member and contract agencies. Beyond the direct fire dispatch role, Comm Center also functions as the San Bernardino County (XBO) Operational Area dispatch, which provides large incident coordination for fire, local government, and emergency medical resources on a countywide basis. Comm Center also provides after hours dispatch services for local government, i.e. County Public Health and Road Departments, and the City of Loma Linda.

The following are member agencies of CONFIRE JPA:

Apple Valley Fire Protection District

Chino Valley Independent Fire District

Colton Fire Department

Loma Linda Fire Department

Rancho Cucamonga Fire District

Redlands Fire Department

Rialto Fire Department

San Bernardino County Fire District

Victorville Fire Department


The following are agencies that contract for dispatch services with the CONFIRE JPA:

Big Bear Fire Department

Running Springs Fire District

Montclair Fire Department

San Manuel Fire Department


These agencies represent over 100 fire stations serving numerous communities covering the majority of the residents and businesses within the County of San Bernardino. In 2019 Comm Center dispatched over 225,000 incidents.


CONFIRE is governed by a eight-member Board of Directors made of one elected official from each member agency. This Board meets two to three times per year to review and approve fiscal matters and establish certain policy measures. The Administrative Committee is made of the Fire Chief from each member agency. This Committee meets monthly with each member agency having a single vote in respect to operational and administrative matters. Contract agencies are also represented at Administrative Committee meetings but are non-voting participants.


The CONFIRE Director reports to the Administrative Committee and is responsible for the daily operations of all aspects of the CONFIRE JPA.

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