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Emergency Communications Center

CONFIRE Communications serves 13 fire agencies in San Bernardino County with 24/7/365 emergency communications services.

             Our Mission

CONFIRE provides regional Fire, Rescue, and EMS communications, resource coordination, and technology services to enable allied agencies to meet the safety and welfare needs of all those they serve.

            Our Vision

To be recognized as an exceptional Regional Emergency Communications and Information Services provider for public and private Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Service agencies.

                 Our Values

  • People - Dignity and Respect  

  • Service Excellence – All the Time, Every Time

  • Teamwork – Strength thru Partnerships and Collaboration

  • Integrity – Honest, Accountable and Transparent

  • Effectiveness – Time, Cost and Quality

  • Innovation – Future Ready

Praise Report




On 01/02/2023, Dispatcher Terri answered a 9-1-1 call for a Childbirth in Rancho Cucamonga.  She immediately gave EMD instructions to the soon-to-be mother for over 6 minutes to assist in the delivery of a newborn baby girl who was breached. Terri stayed on the phone with the mother and family and gave further support until ME172 arrived on scene. The family members called in later to thank Terri for her huge support throughout the call.

Terri, you have brought credit upon yourself, the Rancho Cucamonga Fire Department, and Confire JPA. 

Congrats to you, Terri, and a job well done!!!

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